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How is the idea of generating your own energy?

As Esenboğa Elektrik, we build a sustainable future for end users with the modeling, installation, management and maintenance of industrial and residential rooftop solar and micro power plants.

Small Touches, Big Gains

Dear stakeholders, business partners and customers,


Esenboğa Elektrik is a high technology oriented subsidiary that develops solar energy resources with micro energy generation platforms and presents it to end users within the framework of global best practices.  


Within the framework of our activities, we support institutions and individuals in achieving their sustainability goals, resetting their energy efficiency and carbon footprints.  With our industrial and residential roof SPP applications, we design and install micro power plants in the range of 5kW to 50MW, in different production concepts.

I would like to invite you to these exciting sustainability and efficiency projects.

Best Regards,  


Esenboğa Elektrik Inc.

Chairman of the Board


Esenboğa Elektrik A.Ş.

Esenboğa Elektrik, daha temiz, daha yaşanabilir bir dünya için güneş enerjisine yatırım yapmaya var gücüyle devam etmektedir. Arazi üstü Güneş Enerjisi Santralleri için anahtar teslim projelendirme ve EPC hizmetlerini her zaman olduğu gibi üst düzeyde sunmaktadır.


Integrated Strategy With Sustainability


We are a ‘renewable energy and climate technologies’ company operating with corporate goals and strategies integrated with our sustainability goals and strategies. Our main targets are in line with the 2050 net-zero goals set by the Paris Agreement and the IAE proposed goals of doubling energy efficiency and tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030, as accepted by COP 28. 

In 2023, a materiality analysis was conducted to determine key objectives and strategies and to set our priorities. This analysis considered our commitments to international agreements, goals, principles, global reports and our stakeholders.  Accordingly, we factored in UN SDGs, UNGC, UN WEPs, WEF Global Risk Report, Paris Agreement, COP28 and IAE reports. 

In this context, the Company’s material integrated goals and strategies are discussed under the headings of Environment, Social and Governance:


Combating climate change. Our Company is engaged in generation of renewable energy as well as provision of wide scope services in renewable energy ranging from project development, turn-key EPC service provision and O&M services.

Increasing energy efficiency. We partner and collaborate with our stakeholders to develop climate technologies and innovative solutions to increase the use of renewable energy. With our Innovation Sub committee, we support projects with innovative ideas and provide incubation services. 

Improving sustainability of our supply chain. We are continuously working on increasing the supply of sustainable materials, making supply logistics more sustainable, and reducing the carbon footprint in the supply chain. We are planning to invest in local production of climate technologies for more sustainable supply of materials.

Protecting and improving biodiversity. Measures are being taken to improve biodiversity in land-type solar power projects, and we are currently working on project development of agrosolar power projects in domestic and international markets.


Increasing social impact by CSR and sustainability projects. Collaborating with our stakeholders, we are developing CSR and sustainability projects to create a positive impact on society by inviting them to take action and raise awareness about sustainability. The main focus of our CSR and sustainability projects is to increase the use of renewable energy, support access to quality education, promote gender equality, and support STEM education to foster innovation.


Improving diversity, inclusivity, and equality. We collaborate with our stakeholders on initiatives such as achieving gender equality at every management level, salary payments, equal opportunities for personal development and promotion, as well as, supporting women leadership and entrepreneurship in society.

Supporting well-being of internal stakeholders. One of our main goals is to improve the well-being of our internal stakeholders. We develop sustainability projects to support the health, work-life balance and overall happiness of our internal stakeholders. 

Improving governance systems. We founded sub-committees focusing on our targets and implementing international best practices, we enhance our sustainability management systems for more effective governance.

Ehancing risk management and compliance. We are working on improving our internal audit system and work with PwC that is carrying our our internal audit as an objective third party consultant. 

Increase transparency and accountability. We continuously increase our reporting standards standards, retain consultancy where we need support. We report on measured metrics, solid actions, and performance with ESG reporting on the LSEG platform.

In line with our transparency and accountability principles, we have been reporting on our ESG practices in LSEG platform since 2019.  As a result of improvement on our ESG reporting metrics, we increased our ESG score from “B” in the 2021 to “A” in the 2022 and entered the BIST Sustainability Index in the second quarter of 2023.

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Esenboğa Elektrik

Head Office

Kızılırmak Mahallesi, 1450 Sokak

ATM Plaza, No: 1 / 67 Blok, Kat: 4

Çukurambar / Çankaya 

Ankara / Türkiye 

T: +90 (312) 467 18 33 (Pbx)

F: +90 (312) 467 61 86

Esenboğa Elektrik

İstanbul Office

Zorlu Center
Levazım Mahallesi, Vadi Caddesi

No: 2 Ofisler Bölgesi T1 No: 144
Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Türkiye

T: +90 (212) 211 06 00 (Pbx)

F: +90 (212) 211 06 03

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