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CSR & Sustainability Projects


We develop CSR and sustainability projects in collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders to create positive social impact aligned with our sustainability goals.

Some of our CSR activities are organized under Natural Holding Walking Club. With the motto "Renew Your Energy, Solve by Walking," every 50 km walked by Naturel Holding Walking Club, the Company donates to Ege Orman Vakfi to give a “Nature and Sustainability” training to a child.

Naturel Volunteers Club initiative gives our internal stakeholders a platform to create CSR projects in causes they are passionate about. For example, our internal stakeholders made donations to KEDV, a charity supporting women leadership, by participating in the Runtalya marathon in February 2024.

We are supporting equality in high-quality education with Koç University Anadolu Bursiyerleri Programme, and, providing scholarships to students from low-income families and support their access to quality university education.

The Company is also developing a Sustainable Schools project in collaboration with the Turkish Republic of Ministry of Education (MEB) and TWIN Science. As part of this project, we will be installing roof-type solar power plants in schools and offer them sustainability workshops with TWIN Science.

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