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Emission Management

The Company measures its carbon footprint under the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System in collaboration with Ekonorm Environmental Health and Safety Ltd, and shares its Scope I, II, III, and IV emissions with its stakeholders.

To minimize carbon emissions resulting from our operations, we are undertaking various actions. One such action is replacing the corporate vehicle fleet with hybrid and full electric vehicles to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

On generation front, we will continue to build battery storage solutions to reduce emissions from consumption of non-renewable sources at nighttime. On November 9, 2023, we agreed to install a 2 MW energy storage unit for ÖZMEN - 1, one of our solar production plants, by signing a collaboration agreement with our stakeholders.

In accordance with our net-zero targets for 2050, we plan to neutralize any carbon emissions with afforestation projects and if necessary, with purchase of carbon certificates. 

In terms of toxic gas emission reduction plans, replacement of the Company fossil fuel vehicle fleet with full electric or hybrid vehicles, will help reduce and prevent nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. As reported in our Carbon Footprint report, we do not produce any sulfur oxide (SOx) from our activities.  

In line with our sustainability policy, to contribute to reduction of global carbon footprint, the Company signed a consultancy agreement with Profed Energy Environment Consultancy Inc. in 2021 to start the process and take international accreditation steps in carbon certification and trading. 

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